Falconry Friday! Hello Again from the Sagebrush Steppe!

October 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello again everyone!  The 2017 falconry season is well underway with the girls closing in on the three dozen jackrabbit mark now.

This season is shaping up to be quite the challenge - many of our favorite spots fell to wildfires over the summer and so we've had to scramble to find new hunting areas.  The weather has also been atypically awful for early fall with temps consistently in the 20*s and a nearly constant wind.


Nonetheless, the HAHAs continue to shine!  I do not intend to post weekly this year, but will episodically update everyone as the season progresses.


For now, here are a few portraits from September:




DSC09720DSC09720 DSC09769DSC09769 DSC09726DSC09726 DSC09705DSC09705


IMG_20171010_180227_810IMG_20171010_180227_810 DSC09707DSC09707 DSC09667DSC09667 DSC09682DSC09682 DSC09692DSC09692 DSC09660DSC09660 DSC09668DSC09668 DSC09655DSC09655 20170827_10182220170827_101822 20170831_18073220170831_180732 DSC09728DSC09728 DSC09757DSC09757


Early exuberance = broken T-perch:




20170827_08113120170827_081131 20170827_10104820170827_101048 20170827_08112620170827_081126 20170827_12510520170827_125105 20170827_08152720170827_081527


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