Falconry Friday! Warm Weather Flashback

January 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Morning peeps!  It's -4*F at the moment with 16" of fresh snow so everyone's perched indoors for now.  We spent the week hunting human food (although Lily did kill a Chukar on Tues) and didn't get a chance to download the latest photos.  October seems like forever ago now but a warm weather flashback might be just the ticket!


DSC06848DSC06848 DSC06833DSC06833 DSC06842DSC06842 DSC06794DSC06794 DSC06775DSC06775 DSC06578DSC06578 DSC06450DSC06450 DSC06429DSC06429 DSC01129DSC01129SONY DSC DSC00810DSC00810SONY DSC DSC00790DSC00790SONY DSC DSC00780DSC00780SONY DSC DSC00775DSC00775SONY DSC

DSC07597DSC07597 DSC07565DSC07565 DSC07553DSC07553 DSC07531DSC07531 DSC07206DSC07206 DSC07168DSC07168 DSC07065DSC07065


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