Falconry Friday! The Monochromatic Winter

January 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Rehi all!  We're in the deepest part of the winter now. This is the most difficult time of year for raptors - the snow is heavily crusted, it's very cold, and prey is scarce.  The Harris' hawks have long since finished up their season and are starting their molt.  Lily has another week or three of hunting to go, depending on the weather.


Trailhead1645Trailhead1645 DSC07907DSC07907 DSC07859DSC07859 DSC07912DSC07912


She continues to do well on pheasants and has even caught a few chukars this year! Her behavior is starting to change with the season now, with less aggression toward prey and more interest in soaring and wandering.


DSC08021DSC08021 DSC08014DSC08014 DSC08011DSC08011 DSC07994DSC07994 DSC07991DSC07991 DSC07979DSC07979 DSC07955DSC07955 DSC07961DSC07961 DSC07964DSC07964 DSC07916DSC07916 DSC07921DSC07921 DSC07938DSC07938 DSC07935DSC07935 DSC07928DSC07928 DSC07852DSC07852



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