Falconry Friday! Well, Didn't See That One Coming!

December 16, 2016  •  1 Comment

So, the Peanut has been asking about an owl for a good five years now, undeterred by reports of their questionable SAT scores and poor study habits.

The Feds allow falconers to take both adult and juvenile GHOs from the wild, but the concept of trying to train an adult GHO for falconry is basically too insane even to contemplate.  Thus, it's been mostly a matter of waiting for the right circumstance to present itself....


Here now comes a cute little juvie male GHO falling right into our laps:


This is Cedric (after Cedric Diggory, in keeping with our theme) -- all 1030 grams of him.  He's quite small for a GHO - a big female will outweigh him by nearly a factor of two - and thus far seems to break all the GHO rules by being a sweetheart to work with.  He's taken right to the glove, rarely bates, eats well by hand and, most importantly, seems disinclined to either bite or foot.


DSC07395DSC07395 DSC07399DSC07399 DSC07401DSC07401 DSC07403DSC07403 DSC07408DSC07408 DSC07413DSC07413


Training him to take game might be a slow process, but we're off to a great start!  Note here the anklets padded with rabbit fur - GHO's are booted like Ferrugies and Eagles and the padded anklets serve two purposes:  protecting the delicate leg feathers from irritation and camouflaging the anklets to minimize picking.


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The happy camper:


20161213_17143120161213_171431 20161215_15551720161215_155517 20161215_15554920161215_155549


DSC07389DSC07389 DSC07393DSC07393 DSC07391DSC07391


Lily continues to do well (except for catching jacks) and has about another 6-8 weeks left in her season:


DSC07352DSC07352 DSC07354DSC07354 DSC07356DSC07356 DSC07357DSC07357 DSC07363DSC07363 DSC07365DSC07365 DSC07372DSC07372 DSC07375DSC07375 DSC07376DSC07376 DSC07379DSC07379 DSC07384DSC07384


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Great read and what a GREAT happenstance for you guys!
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