Falconry Friday! The Falcon-mobile is back in action!

December 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

After 40 days and 40 nights in insurance company limbo, the falcon mobile is back in one piece again!  We're due two feet of snow over the weekend so we might be relegated to using the truck the rest of the season anyway but it's still good to have the stinky little bugger back.






Speaking of stinky little buggers,  Cedric is coming right along -- glacially slow in hawk-time but somewhere around warp-8 in owl-time.  Pro tip:  owls don't offer running commentary about your choice of T.V. show like HAHAs do.


Lily continues to do well on pheasants - provided we can get a second flush.  She's still struggling with rabbits, but the new snow may help - dry ground late in the year is tough sledding for a hawk on the learning curve.


DSC07568DSC07568 DSC07493DSC07493


I posted the following series of screen caps on FB this week and I'll repeat them here as they show quite well how hawks like to go about catching pheasants.  As you can see, a hawk has almost no chance catching up to a pheasant in a straight tail chase:

Screenshot 2016-11-24 13.14.35Screenshot 2016-11-24 13.14.35 Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.23.05Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.23.05 Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.23.32Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.23.32 Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.23.51Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.23.51


But, if you can re-flush the pheasant, they'll get it almost every time:


Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.50.01Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.50.01 Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.58.51Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.58.51 Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.58.56Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.58.56 Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.59.04Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.59.04 Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.59.08Screenshot 2016-12-20 18.59.08

Then it's dinner time!



DSC07461DSC07461 DSC07466DSC07466 DSC07479DSC07479 DSC07483DSC07483 DSC07487DSC07487 DSC07516DSC07516 DSC07520DSC07520 DSC07531DSC07531 DSC07540DSC07540 DSC07574DSC07574 DSC07585DSC07585 DSC07586DSC07586 DSC07598DSC07598


Here are the source videos:


RTHA8 2016


RTHA9 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!



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