Falconry Friday! Game on the ground!

November 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Well, it's been a hectic few weeks and we still don't have the falcon mobile back from the body shop yet.  

We do have all three birds back in the air though - and all three are catching game now.  As we've discussed before, their time on the ground is their most vulnerable and the falconer has two jobs here:  help wrangle the prey if need be and protect them from other predators while they eat.

Let's start with Lily's first pheasant of the year as I know this is what many of you have been waiting for all along....


DSC07056DSC07056 DSC07059DSC07059 DSC07061DSC07061 DSC07065DSC07065 DSC07067DSC07067 DSC07072DSC07072 DSC07074DSC07074 DSC07082DSC07082 DSC07084DSC07084 DSC07086DSC07086 DSC07089DSC07089 DSC07091DSC07091 DSC07095DSC07095 DSC07099DSC07099 DSC07102DSC07102 DSC07103DSC07103 DSC07105DSC07105 DSC07107DSC07107


The HAHAs have a little game too -- they just usually wind up upside down or inside out when it's all over....


DSC06826DSC06826 DSC06832DSC06832 DSC06833DSC06833 DSC06834DSC06834 DSC06933DSC06933 DSC06930DSC06930


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